To improve your processes, we develop test equipment that checks the correct operation of your products and ensures that it complies with the established standards.


The Ideal Solution for Your Electrical Projects

Our continuity tester helps the industry to streamline its testing processes and improve its efficiency, unparalleled precision to check the correct operation of your equipment and ensure that it complies with established standards.

  • Functional equipment made up of CR Harnesses
  • Used for low voltage test
  • “EasyWire” Software
  • 3 presentations: 256, 512 and 768 test points


Optimize the electrical safety of your equipment

It allows you to evaluate the efficiency and performance of fans in electrical equipment. With the help of our team, any fan performance issues can be identified and corrective action taken, which can result in better performance and longer electrical equipment life.

  • Used to perform functionality tests on heat sinks.
  • Tested with different voltage depending on the model, either 120 Volt. or 220 volts.


Verify the dielectric resistance of electrical equipment

It performs High Potential Tests in order to protect users from high voltages which entails a surge test to ensure the minimum dielectric strength of the insulation system.

  • Guarantees the safety of users and electrical equipment.
  • Detects and prevents electrical insulation failures.
  • Complies with regulations and safety standards.
  • Avoid risks of electrical damage and serious accidents.

Ensure the correct operation of your products